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Love in Israel

Short Love Stories


Love is the theme of Ang-Lit.'s 4th fiction anthology, featuring 65 short love stories in honor of Israel's 65th anniversary in 2013. Though the settings and themes are quintessentially Israeli, the narrative voice is that of the "insider/outsider" - the Anglo (English-speaking) resident. The more than 45 authors are expatriates from the U.K, USA, Canada, South Africa, India, etc.
Love in Israel (2013) is available from


Short Stories


Israel is the back-drop for Ang-Lit.’s latest fiction anthology, edited by Shelley Goldman, featuring 70 stories written in English and set in Israel.
The stories, written by over 50 authors, mostly native English-speaking Israel residents and expatriates from the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, India, etc, provide a kaleidoscope of contemporary Israeli society - not the whole story but the Anglo narrative in this dynamic, multi-cultural State now in its sixth decade.

Israel Short Stories (2011) is available from Steimatzy, Israeli bookstores and

Tel Aviv

Short Stories


A fiction anthology celebrating Tel Aviv’s centenary in 2009.
Co-edited by Shelley Goldman and Joanna Yehiel, Tel Aviv Short Stories, a collection of 52 stories, written by 37 English-speaking writers living mostly in Israel, reflects Tel Aviv’s cosmopolitan, edgy, eclectic, fun-loving vibe. But the city is a backdrop and the focus is people, not places.

Tel Aviv Short Stories (2009) is available from Israeli bookstores, and from .

Jane Doe 

Buys a Challah & Other 

A 33 short story anthology by native English-speaking fiction writers living in Israel, among them published authors and talented newcomers. Quirky, poignant, humorous or heart-breaking, the stories explore universal themes within the context of contemporary Israel.

Jane Doe Buys A Challah & Other Stories (2007) is available from .

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