Our New Project



TEL AVIV SHORT STORIES #2 is the provisional title for our 2015 anthology.
The genre is fiction written in English, and the setting Tel Aviv.

Submissions should be sent as attachments to:
ang_lit.press@yahoo.com accompanied by an email that contains the author’s full name, address, phone number, and place of birth.
The text format should comply with the following specifications:

Font size: 12-point

Spacing: 1.5

Indent: all paragraphs except the first or to indicate a change of scene.

Punctuation: one space after a punctuation mark: full stop, comma, etc. Except for a quote within a quote, always use double quotation marks.

Length: 600-3000 words.

Ang-Lit. Press will inform the authors whose stories are chosen for inclusion by July 31, 2014 of the terms and conditions, and they will be expected to provide a short biography and photo for publication. No submissions before August 31, 2013 or after
January 31, 2014.